• Have your say on local issues

    voXup's simple voting buttons let you have your say about each issue in your community. You can also add issues to the list for others to see.

    Vote to say whether you agree, think the issue is a priority or feel positively about it.

  • We summarize the mood of your community for your representative

    Representatives such as your local councillors, MP or Police Commissioner see a summary of the issues your community cares about, and how people feel about them. We let them know if everyone agrees, or if the issue is more contraversial.

    They only see a summary of what everyone thinks. They don't find out how individuals voted.

  • Your representatives use the information to improve how they work

    By listening to the views of people living in the area they represent best indicators for binary options, your representatives can do their job better. They can quickly find out what everyone thinks about an issue, and use the information to make better decisions.

    For each issue, your representatives can post a short reply describing what action they've taken or giving their position on the issue.

  • We let you know what your representatives have done

    The representatives' responses to each issue are included in the voXup app, and we notify you when there's a new reply on an issue that you've told us you care about. You can let your representative know if they're doing a good job by tapping the happy and sad faces next to their reply.

    Now it's much easier to find out how your representatives are representing your community's views, and let them know whether you think they're doing a good job!